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1994 software, 1995 website, 1996 revised The Particle Adventure is a constantly evolving educational project sponsored by the Contemporary Physics Education Project. It is supervised by Michael Barnett of the Particle Data Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).

The Particle Adventure originally started as a Supercard (TM) application developed by Andria Erzberger and her students, with physics assistance from Michael Barnett (LBNL) and Helen Quinn (SLAC), and technical assistance from James Quinn.

Given the sudden popularity of the World Wide Web, it seemed quite proper to transfer the Particle Adventure to a web site. Carolyn Mockett produced the web version of the Particle Adventure. The web version of the Particle Adventure has many more pages and graphics than the original.

During the summer of 1996, Charles Groom completely revised the project. The newest version offers: expanded graphics, more animations, a decay path, historical information, search tools, increased organization, and new formatting.

We thank Ben Byers for redesigning the logo for the Standard Model Path used on the Particle Adventure Home Page.

Throughout this entire process, the Particle Data Group at LBNL has offered invaluable support. In particular, we would like to thank Betty Armstrong and Gail Harper for proofreading and criticizing, and saying "I don't get it!" while poring over countless pages of material.

Some material was taken from the CPEP Classroom Activity Packet and from a soon-to-be-completed book [The Charm of Strange Quarks] by R.M. Barnett, H. Muehry, H.R. Quinn, G.J. Aubrecht, R.N. Cahn, J. Dorfan, M. Dresden, G. Goldhaber, J.D. Jackson, and K. Olive.

We are very pleased to thank the agencies, institutions, and corporations that have generously funded our efforts. These include the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, the American Physical Society's Division of Particles and Fields, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Burle Electron Tubes, and the American Association of Physics Teachers.

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Charles Groom
August 19, 1996