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Een verzameling van Ian Shoales, 1999
 (overgenomen met toestemming van de schrijver)

Toegevoegd: Web-Acroniemen

WORDS   you need to know to survive in the Digital Age

Acrobat, admin, agent, alias, alpha, Alt, AltaVista, analog, ANSI, antialias, antivirus, AOL, API, app, Apple, applet, Archie, archiver, ARPAnet, ASCII, asynchronous, AT command set, AT&T chipset, ATM, attachment, AUP, avatar, AVI.

Baby Bell, backbone, backdoor, background process, backslash, bagbiter, Bamf! Bandwidth, bang path, barney, baud, BBS, beta, BFD, binary, bit, bitmap, bloatware, bogus, bookmark, bot, box, BPS, brain dump, browser, bug, bulletproof, byte,

C, C plus plus, cache, careware, carrier, CGI, chat, checksum, chipset, chooser, client, Clipper Chip, cloak, clone, co-ax, CODEC, dot com, comm, compatible, CompuServe, conference, content, Control-L, cookie, CPS, crash and burn, CRC, crosspost, cyberwhat-eh-ver.

Debbie, de facto, demoware, DES, desktop, dialer, digital, domain, dongle, DOS, down, download, driver.

Echo. Email all definitions to me immediately if you wish to survive-- e-mail, EMF, emoticons, encryption, Ethernet, Eudora.

FAQ, faxmodem, finger, firewall, flamer, foreground, forum, free speech, freeware, freeze, FTP, fudge factor.

Gateway, gearhead, Geek Code, GIF, glitch, gopher, guest, gooey.

Hacker, half duplex, hardwired, header, homepage, host, HTML.

IMHO, Infoseek, Intel, Intellectual property, IP, IRC, IRQ, ISDN, ISO, ISP, ahh!

Acronym overload!

Java, Jolt, JPEG.


Lamer, LAN, latency, link, list, list server, log in, log on, lurker, Lycos.

Macintosh, macro, Magellan, mainframe (obsolete), Microsoft, mime, minitower, modem, morphing, Mosaic, M-peg, mud, multimedia, multitasking.

Net, netcop, netgod, netiquette, netizen, Netscape, newbie, newsgroup, non disclosure agreement, non-linear, notebook, NTP, null.

Offline, offsite, open, oracle, org.

Packet, page, palmtop, parity, patch, PBX, path, PC, PDA, PDP, phreak, god I hate that word, pirate, plaintext, platform, plug in, POP, port address, post, pound, PPP, Prodigy, protocol.

Quicken, QuickTime.

RealAudio, reboot, oh yeah, like that never happens, RFC, root account, router, RSI- ow, my elbow hurts, RTF.

Screen name, scripting, search engine, server, shareware, shell account, Shockwave, signal to noise ratio how'm I doing? Slash. Snail mail, socket, spam, spider, stack, Stuffit, Suck, sysop, system.

T1 T2 T3, woh that's fast! Thread, tilde, tool, tower, trojan, tweak.

UNIX, upgrade, URL, USENET.

Vaporware, Veronica, virus, VRML.

WAN, web, web page, web server, web site, wetware, Windows, Wintel, Wired, wirehead, wonk, workstation, world wide web, worm.




I don't know what it all means. Hope you do. I gotta go.

Ian Shoales, 1999

(Het tijdschrift BYTE was in juli 1998 voor het laatst in druk verschenen.)

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